Koromiko School celebrates last day

03:00, Dec 17 2012

The final day of Koromiko School after 139 years was "an awesome end to a new start", teacher Sarah Girling said.

The school staff and 19 pupils celebrated the last day of term on Friday with a Titanic bouncy slide, a cake made to look like a mini version of the school, and plenty of games.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Education accepted the school board's request for voluntary closure.

The board had been concerned the roll would drop to the point of only being eligible for a sole-charge teaching position next year.

Ms Girling has taught the senior pupils at the school for five years and said the day was a happy way to move forward.

"Our wonderful little bubble that was Koromiko School has burst and I'll miss everyone very much."


Originally from Canterbury in Kent, England, Ms Girling said she had learnt a lot about rural life from getting to know the children and their families. She had enjoyed her time at the school "very much" and was moving on to a temporary placement at Springlands School next year.

"The children are very happy and very upbeat.

"We had a lovely barbecue and it was good to share this with the community."

One six-year-old said her favourite part was sitting with her friends and eating a cake designed and made by Ms Girling to look like the school.

A boy, aged nine, said his favourite part was whizzing down the slide "super fast".

All of Koromiko School could fit in his new classroom at Picton School, he said.

Picton School principal Alister McCosh said about 10 Koromiko School pupils visited the school on Thursday before starting school there next year, increasing the roll to about 127.

"It went as good as gold. They've fitted in very well, and our children are very inclusive," Mr McCosh said.

A new teacher was hired from Auckland to teach the year 3 and 4 pupils.

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