Wind foils paragliding stunt

18:57, Dec 16 2012

A Christchurch school teacher's attempt to make the first paraglider crossing of Cook Strait on Saturday afternoon was thwarted by strong winds.

Matt Stanford, 29, has been planning the record-breaking stunt for more than a year and was gutted when he had to call it off at the last minute.

"We've been trying every weekend for the last four months, and yesterday was the closest we've been," he said.

"But when I heard there were wind gusts up to 30 kilometres, I just couldn't take that risk."

The plan was to have jumped backwards from a helicopter at the entrance of the Tory Channel at 3962 metres, freefall 100m until the paraglider opened then turn downwind and glide 27.4 kilometres to Oteranga Bay, near Wellington.

Mr Stanford is using the stunt to raise money for World Vision and will continue watching the weather every weekend for suitable conditions.


The Marlborough Express