Top police promoted to support new strategy

02:02, Dec 18 2012

Some of the Marlborough region's top police officers have been promoted under a national move to support the police's new Prevention First strategy.

Marlborough area commander Inspector Steve Caldwell said the changes would help police focus on preventing crime and road crashes, and supporting frontline staff while also working closely with victims.

"Our primary role is to prevent crime and that's what we'll be doing," Mr Caldwell said.

Marlborough's three senior sergeants are now all based in Blenheim and have taken on new roles under the new structure.

Senior Sergeant Peter Payne, formerly of Picton, has been promoted to the role of prevention manager.

In his new role, Mr Payne will manage all crime and crash prevention activities and victim management.


Detective Senior Sergeant Ciaran Sloan has moved up from senior sergeant and is now responsible for all investigation work, including oversight of the CIB.

Senior Sergeant Naera Parata has taken over response, which includes managing the deployment of all resources.

Mr Parata will be in charge of all frontline groups in Blenheim and will oversee Picton, Havelock and Kaikoura.

Mr Caldwell said the public should have confidence in its police force.

"We have some incredibly committed and competent policemen and women in this area working with their communities," he said.

"We consistently lead the country in terms of crime resolution, and crime is now heading in the right direction - down."

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