DHB to monitor rest home

00:11, Dec 19 2012

A Blenheim rest home only partly met health-standard requirements during an unannounced inspection and is being monitored by the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board.

Springlands Lifestyle Village was audited in September after a complaint from a resident's relative about low staff levels, nutrition, medication and pain management, consumer rights, communication and response to emergency situations.

The audit result came to light after Health Minister Tony Ryall unveiled a new district health board reporting system this week.

Springlands managing director Chris Thornley said yesterday the rest home was very disappointed by the audit findings, but believed it had addressed the problems.

The complaint was received on August 27 with the inspection carried out a week later on September 3.

HealthCERT, the Ministry of Health department responsible for rest home standards, interviewed the rest home manager, staff, residents and visiting relatives.


The inspection started with a tour of the home and a review of residents' clinical notes. In the audit which followed, the rest home partly attained 21 criteria against relevant health standards in areas such as open disclosure, complaint management, quality and risk management, staff training, staffing levels and skill mix, staff appraisal, medication management, and infection prevention and control.

Mr Thornley said yesterday the rest home believed it had high standards.

"We always pride ourselves on our very high value of care. The audit simply showed up some areas where we weren't as good as we thought we were, particularly with paperwork. We are working with the health board to ensure we can have standards exactly where we want them to be."

A clinical consultant would remain employed by Springlands after all audit standards were attained, Mr Thornley said.

The board's health of older people service manager, Lisa Turner, said the consultant was helping to ensure policies, procedures and quality processes met legislative requirements.

Springlands had made a commitment to the board to maintain an ongoing relationship with the consultant, Ms Turner said.

Monitoring occurs as part of the standard audit processes for aged-care facilities, she said. If any facility does not or only partly meets the audit criteria, they are required to provide additional evidence via the ‘progress monitoring reporting' process.

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