Playcentre takes thyme for garden

21:00, Dec 18 2012

The children at Spring Creek Playcentre have a new herb garden to learn from and tend to after Bunnings Warehouse Blenheim built it for them on November 28.

The garden is the first part of a special sensory garden that the staff at the playcentre have planned. Bunnings involvement began when Spring Creek Playcentre staff visited the store and asked for advice on building a herb garden, with management deciding to take it on as a community project.

"We are all about getting out there and helping out in the community, after all we are a part of the community who support us," said Bunnings Blenheim manager Callum Anderson, who was part of the team of six managers who built the garden.

"It's also good fun to get out and get your hands dirty, and satisfying to stand back and see what you have achieved."

The kids, staff and parents were delighted with the final result, with Bunnings providing all the equipment and supplies to build the garden.

"The first steps in making our sensory garden complete, we now have pineapple and apple sage, curry plants, fennel, coriander, mint, parsley and many more smelly extras," said Spring Creek Playcentre president, Jane Dowd, who thanked Bunnings for their help. "We wanted to create an interactive sensory sensations garden on the site of our old shed, and Bunnings have helped greatly - with the touch and smell sensations."

She added that next the children will be involved in creating their own stepping stones to place around the raised herb beds.

The centre is also creating an interactive water wall and hope to bring in large boulders for the children to climb over or sit on.


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