Teacher to share her Tanzanian adventures

21:44, Dec 18 2012
Marion McChesney
On a mission: Former district councillor and early-childhood teacher Marion McChesney is back from Tanzania where she has spent the past two years. She is inviting everyone to come and hear about her adventures this Saturday evening at the Anglican Hall

After spending almost two years in Tanzania Marion McChesney has finally made it back home to Kaikoura, but only for a few days.

Marion will be speaking about her new life in Tanzania in the Anglican hall, 27 Torquay Street, this Saturday night from 7pm.

Some of the stories she tells are amazing, from encounters with wild animals to fugitives.

The stories are all told with traces of Marion's humour and down-to-earth approach to life.

Going to a foreign country alone with no idea for how long is something few people do. She would be the first person to admit she didn't have a clue what she was getting herself into.

But she has stuck at it and lasted longer than many others.


The difference in daily life from Kaikoura has to be heard to be believed.

Marion began work in a preschool but has now moved on to a college teaching the wives of pastors English.

But there is so much more she does.

There is no cost to coming to hear her and there will be a supper put on.

She is hoping to bring some knick-knacks from Tanzania to sell to help raise funds for her work overseas.

Everyone is welcome.

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