New iPod finally on the way

19:01, Dec 20 2012

A Blenheim woman is delighted she will be getting a new iPod today to replace a faulty one she bought from The Warehouse more than two months ago.

Donna Lippiatt, 60, bought the new iPod touch from the Blenheim Warehouse on October 2, but, while the screen worked, the earphone jack did not, meaning she was unable to listen to music.

After 2 months of trying to get The Warehouse or the manufacturer, Apple, to replace or repair the iPod, The Warehouse contacted her yesterday to apologise.

"It's just fantastic, I'm so happy. I couldn't really believe it when they told me, after all this time," Ms Lippiatt said.

The Warehouse said it would deliver the replacement iPod today, and is giving Ms Lippiatt a $100 voucher for the inconvenience.

Ms Lippiatt, who is a resident at Redwood Lifestyle Care and Village, is mostly confined to bed rest because she is tetraplegic.


The faulty iPod, which she bought on special for $345 with her Warehouse card, was to replace her old one, which stopped working after three years, she said. IPods were useful because they enabled her to read e-books, use apps and play games without help.

Her son Chris Lippiatt contacted The Marlborough Express on Sunday after having no luck trying to resolve the issue with the Warehouse and Apple.

The Warehouse finally contacted Ms Lippiatt yesterday to apologise and offered to replace the iPod, following inquiries from the Express and the story published on the paper's website

The Warehouse public relations manager Gretchen Lowe said the normal procedure for dealing with faulty Apple products was to let customers know the company could deal with the manufacturer directly.

The other option is to get the product repaired on the customer's behalf, or to replace or refund the customer on the spot if the fault was a manufacturer's defect.

Ms Lippiatt, who was told to deal directly with Apple said that she hopes the Warehouse Blenheim staff will be trained to deal with faulty Apple products correctly.

"It's not very good, no-one should have to go through all that, maybe they will now train all their staff properly."

Ms Lowe said Warehouse Blenheim staff will be briefed to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

"We take customer dissatisfaction seriously and our supplier's service impacts our customers," she said.

"We will be discussing the returns' turnaround time so this lengthy process doesn't occur in future."

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