Radich to keep post at BSA

23:22, Dec 23 2012

Marlborough lawyer Peter Radich has been reappointed to the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA), which decides on complaints made about items on radio and television.

The appointment, for three years, was announced on Thursday by Broadcasting Minister Craig Foss.

Mr Radich is a former coroner and chairman of the NZ Law Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal and has been a member of the Wellington-based authority for three years.

Being part of the BSA was an interesting role, dealing with issues ranging from the trivial to serious discussions of privacy and human rights, he said. People's attitudes were constantly shifting, but privacy and freedom of expression were big issues.

The complaints received suggested New Zealand society was becoming more tolerant to some things, but less tolerant of others: "Forty years ago, racial slurs or racial-type comments were much more common or seen to be more acceptable than they are today, but similarly 30-40 years ago the use of language which is commonplace today was unacceptable."


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