Merry Marlborough Christmas

11:01, Dec 24 2012
Darn global warming. The rocks keep sticking through the snow at the Pole and scratching my board.
Santa 2
Yeah whatever Rudolf. Watch me catch this next set of rapids
Santa 5
Will this genuine imitation velvet suit shrink in these pristine Marlborough waters?
Santa 9
Santa I know I'm not supposed to pinch my sister but it's really all her fault and the dog put those chocolate wrappers under my bed and I have no idea who sprayed dad's shaving foam all over the cat, said Cody Smith
Santa 10
All these years you've been wondering where I get my naughty and nice information - Well Marlborough, big brother is watching YOU!
Santa 11
The question is .... have these guys been naughty or nice?
Santa 14
Oh Teddy, there is no need to thank me. I deliver presents to everyone in the whole world.
Santa 16
Dam those reindeer joining the union and demanding a 8 hour work day. How am I supposed to deliver gifts to the world in that short time.
Santa 17
Believe it or not, I'm walking on air. I never thought I could feel so free.
Santa 19
Gates won't keep me out - I can see you have a chimney
Santa 23
Send us a caption for this photo
Santa 26
Phew, Mother Claus get's so mad when I draw yellow pictures in the snow
Santa 27
Mighty fine paper this one. I've been reading it online all year. Merry Christmas Marlborough

Enjoy your Christmas; celebrate those you love, tolerate those you don't, and share a smile with a stranger

Merry Christmas to you all from the staff at The Marlborough Express


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