Police: region's roads quiet

22:30, Dec 25 2012

Traffic on roads through Marlborough during the run-up to Christmas had been eased by Christmas Day falling on a Tuesday, Marlborough highway patrol manager Sergeant Barrie Greenall says.

Motorists seemed to have spread their Christmas travel plans over four days from Friday to Monday, which took the pressure off, he said.

There hadn't been the normal big increase in road users on Christmas Eve, which made for a more pleasant and less stressful journey for everyone, he said.

"Each day was busier than usual but traffic was flowing well," he said.

"People weren't feeling the pressure or being held up [on the road]."

One driver had been stopped on State Highway 1 at Ward doing 136kmh on Friday night, Mr Greenall said.


That was the highest speed recorded during the weekend before Christmas, he said.

There had also been fewer driving complaints than normal.

Historically, traffic volumes on Christmas Day were well down, Mr Greenall said.

"We have a bit of traffic in the afternoon but it's not travelling between major centres," he said.

"People are already where they need to be. If they are travelling it's more for socialising."

Alcohol checkpoints were operating throughout the region on Christmas Day and early this morning, Mr Greenall said.

A spokeswoman for Blenheim police said traffic yesterday had been very quiet.

The Marlborough Express