Rising costs lead to higher dumping charges

18:05, Jan 07 2013
Rubbish dump
Waste dumped into the Marlborough District Council’s Taylor Pass landfill could cover an area the size of  a rugby field and 15 storeys high each year. Last year 3864 tonnes of material was recycled instead of being thrown into the landfill.

Getting rid of the rubbish will cost more in Marlborough this year as operational costs and the emissions trading scheme bump up fees at the Bluegums Landfill and at the region's transfer stations.

From January 1, landfill users have to pay $5.75 more per cubic metre of waste, while refuse transfer stations will charge $2 more per cubic metre. Previous charges for the landfill and transfer stations were $95.75 and $27 per cubic metre, respectively.

Marlborough District Council solid waste manager Alec McNeil said the new fees reflected increased operating costs and the emissions trading scheme.

The fee increase affects the transfer stations at Blenheim, Picton, Havelock, Wairau Valley, Seddon and Rai Valley.

The council last reviewed landfill and transfer station fees in July 2011.

Blenheim transfer station attendant Lazza McKeown said about 250 vehicles a day came through the station to dispose of rubbish. A few people had not known about the fee increase and were either not bothered or simply surprised, he said.


Alby Lawrence, of Waihopai Valley, had driven into town to dump two wheelie bins of household rubbish. Last year it cost him $6.50 to empty one wheelie bin and he said the 50 cents extra he paid on Friday was not an issue.

However, he was not impressed at having to bring the wheelie bins into town once a month to get rid of rubbish as there was no form of rubbish collection where he lived.

"My big miff is we pay rates but we seem to get very little for them - nothing in terms of waste collection and very little else," he said.

The Taylor Pass Rd landfill is open only to commercial users.

Truck drivers use the landfill to dispose of rubbish from businesses, transfer stations and kerbside rubbish collection.

Members of the public take their waste to the transfer stations.

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