No gig as messages get mixed

18:27, Jan 21 2013

Patrons expecting a live blues gig from visiting artists at Mikey's Bar in Picton on Sunday evening were left disappointed after the musicians did not turn up.

Kiwi blues guitarist Billy TK Jr and his band the Groove Shakers, the MoFo Party Band from California and Kingsnake Blues Band from England were scheduled to play a free gig to what ended up being a full house from 5pm on Sunday.

Mikey's Bar owner Kevin Colville had agreed to host the gig and put the bands up for their meals and accommodation just days before they were scheduled to play.

However, the bands had added a $500 charge at the last minute and Mr Colville said this meant the gig became financially not viable.

The two emailed back and forth, with Billy TK saying they would waive meals, but couldn't waive the $500 needed to cover sound costs.

He asked Mr Colville to call him, but Mr Colville emailed him to say that was acceptable.


When Mr Colville did ring the cellphone, he said it went to voicemail, which left him believing the gig was still on.

However, the bands did not show on the night.

Instead, they played at the Strawberry Tree Pub in Kaikoura and Mr Colville said it became karaoke night at Mikey's Bar.

Billy TK said yesterday he was unable to get in contact with Mr Colville as he had been in and out of reception while travelling up the South Island after another gig.

Mr Colville apologised for the disappointment to patrons who were inconvenienced by the no-show.

The Marlborough Express