Singers wait for X Factor big break

03:04, Jan 22 2013
Hugo Smith, Michael Ruffell, Max Bicknell.
Fella Voce: Hugo Smith, Michael Ruffell and Max Bicknell.

A Blenheim teenager is hopeful her "maybe" will turn into "yes" and she will make it through to the next stage of television singing competition X Factor NZ.

Emma Logan, 16, said she was waiting in anticipation to hear if she would make the cut after singing songs by Sam Sparrow and Amy Winehouse for the executive producers of the show at the Marlborough Girls' College hall last Wednesday.

She said her audition went well, and she was elated to have received the "maybe", an indication that the producers would be in touch to let her know if she would take part in the televised contest.

Emma Logan
Waiting game: Marlborough Girls’ College student Emma Logan has to wait and see if she has made it to the next round of television singing competition X Factor NZ

She preferred singing and listening to songs that were complex, unique and musical, and cited New Zealander Kimbra, as well as Amy Winehouse, as particular favourites, she said.

"I don't want to conform to the pop songs with simple chords and progressions. Artists that are not on the top 20 have more of a drive to make music that expresses something and pushes the boundaries. Not just songs that go to No 1 to make money," she said.

The Marlborough Girls' College student is also a self-taught pianist, songwriter, actor, and was first-equal in her age group in music at school last year.


"A big dream of mine, whether or not it will be a reality, would be to perform in musical theatre as a career," she said.

Marlborough vocal trio, 17-year-olds Max Bicknell, Hugo Smith and Michael Ruffell, also received a "maybe" after impressing with Max's arrangement of the David Guetta song Titanium. The group normally perform as a quartet under the name Fella Voce, but had to enter X Factor a man down after one of the group took off to Thailand for the summer.

Max said they were happy to hear they were in the running for the show.

"We were quite near the end and there were a bunch of talented people who came out who had "no's" so we were really relieved."

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