For sale - '40 years of our lives'

03:18, Jan 23 2013
Mary Marks
Sell-off: Dick and Mary Marks have been holding a 'garage' sale since November, with most of their worldly possessions for sale at their Wakamarina RdntsTnte in Canvastown. They are preparing to move to Australia.

Forty years' worth of life and the entire contents of a home - as well as the house itself - are up for grabs in a "garage sale" being held by a couple from Canvastown, near Havelock.

Mary Marks has carefully collected and priced most of her and her husband Dick's possessions and has laid them all out to be sold before they move to Queensland.

The couple, who are in their 60s, said they were selling everything because they would need "three car containers to get this stuff back to Australia".

A shed on their Wakamarina Rd property holds all manner of odds and ends, such as brackets, washers and hinges, all collected into pottles and priced.

In their house the entire contents of the kitchen are for sale, right down to the spices from the pantry.

The Marks' yard features gardening equipment and supplies and a couple of big ticket items - a 24-foot yacht and a red roadster convertible.


In fact, the whole property is for sale. It includes two houses, a sleepout, as well as some sheds and 60 fruit and nut trees.

Mrs Marks said she had used the internet to evaluate the goods' value and then applied her own formula to come up with a final price.

"I have had a lot of comments from people about the layout and pricing. They say it is the cleanest garage sale they have ever been to.

"I have always been a very organised person. I like things to be nice," she said.

The items took a month to organise and the garage sale began in November last year, she said. "This is 40 years of our life."

The couple moved to the valley in 2006 after stints in the Marlborough Sounds and Australia, and are heading back to Queensland to be near family after Mr Marks became ill late last year.

He began having seizures on December 21 and has since been diagnosed with Korsakoff's syndrome, an alcohol-related brain disorder associated with low vitamin B1 in the body, Mrs Marks said.

"That is not to say that he drank too much or was a heavy drinker. He had deficient B1 which meant he was susceptible to the illness. If you drink, you should get yourself tested," she said.

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