Changes afoot after airport survey

22:30, Jan 23 2013

A survey asking the public for their views on the expansion of Marlborough Airport's terminal building has prompted the council-owned airport company to install a better, user-friendly parking system.

It was among several planned measures to make the terminal more inviting for passengers.

Marlborough Airport chief executive Dean Heiford said 193 people responded to the survey, which was available to fill out at the terminal and online from October 23 till December 14. Most of the survey forms, 103, were completed at the airport.

Respondents included 102 business people, 75 visiting friends and family, and seven tourists. Of those, 87 per cent indicated they were travelling with Air New Zealand.

Mr Heiford said the survey forms contained a few consistent themes, including the desire for more seats, comfort and space as the terminal was congested, especially when flights were delayed or large aircraft had landed.

Other requests were for better, cheaper wi-fi internet access, a lounge, a covered baggage claim area, extended cafe hours, better flight information displays and a better, user-friendly parking system.


Marlborough Airport would be installing a new parking system in April in response to the survey, Mr Heiford said. A new flight information system would also be trialled next month, and better signage put in place for the wi-fi system.

Meanwhile, the airport company would see whether the council's plans to provide free wi-fi in the Blenheim town centre could also be provided at the airport.

Information from the surveys would be used for making more immediate improvements and in overall planning for any expansion or additions, Mr Heiford said.

Marlborough Airport had also sought technical advice on future passenger flows and preliminary layout planning for an indication of how the terminal could meet the needs of those using it, such as travellers, retailers, airlines, rental car firms and taxi drivers.

"We are working closely with Air New Zealand and other airport tenants and businesses to assess their needs so we can do some detailed planning," Mr Heiford said.

The Marlborough Express