Christchurch rebuild costs billions

22:30, Jan 27 2013
Christchurch presence: Blenheim-based Cuddon Engineering has secured a foothold with a major construction company involved with the Christchurch rebuild.

Earthquake repairs of Canterbury homes have reached $1 billion, says Fletchers EQR communications manager Barry Aker.

Fletcherrs are the Government contractors managing the residential repairs in Canterbury for the EQC for claims valued between $10,000 and $100,000.

A group of Marlborough business people are attending a forum in Christchurch today and tomorrow, to explore opportunities to take part in the rebuild, tipped to cost $20b to $30b.

Mr Aker told the group this morning that Fletchers had paid out more than $1b of repairs, putting them about a third of the way through their residential responsibilities.

"You won't get everyone to agree on this, but you can see things happening now, the residential has quite a lot happening,'' he said.

There are about 90,000 homes to be repaired, some with multiple claims from aftershocks, resulting in 15 seperate claim events.

So far Fletchers had carried out almost 48,000 emergency repairs, including 18,545 chimney and 10,316 heat pump repairs, he said.

About 17 Marlborough businesses plus council and Marlborough Chamber of Commerce staff are at the two day forum based at the Westpac Business Hub in Christchurch.


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