Partner flees naked

18:56, Jan 28 2013

A Seddon man has been sent to prison for a nasty assault on his partner which forced her to run naked from their home.

In the Blenheim District Court yesterday, Tukawapetera Toi, 41, admitted a charge of assaulting a female and breaching a protection order. He was sentenced to six months in prison. A charge of threatening to kill the woman was withdrawn.

According to the police summary of facts in court, Toi had been drinking at a pub on December 9 and went home about 10pm. He went to the bedroom where his partner was sleeping and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her into the lounge. He punched her five to 10 times about the face with his fists, forcing the woman to run away and hide in a neighbour's woolshed, the police summary says. Toi chased the woman and hit her again with his fist.

The neighbours were alerted by her screams and she hid in their house.

The woman was not seriously injured but naked when she fled her home and was very distressed by the attack, the summary says.

Toi initially denied assaulting the woman but told a police officer he would slit her throat and said "you will remember me then", it says.


Judge Tony Zohrab said the assault was a nasty attack, made worse because a protection order had been issued by the court after Toi assaulted the woman in September. Defence lawyer Rennie Gould said Toi had spent seven weeks in custody since his arrest.

Also in court yesterday:

Jason Douglas Cowe, 20, unemployed of Mayfield, admitted wilful damage and breaching a protection order and was sentenced to five months' community detention, six months' supervision and ordered to pay $360 reparation. A charge of assaulting a female was withdrawn.

Prosecutor Graham Single said Cowe was at home when he and his partner got into an argument about 10pm on January 11. Cowe was standing outside and punched a window, showering the victim with glass that hit her in the eye and caused some minor cuts, he said. The victim took their three young children and hid in the bathroom while Cowe broke two more windows.

Judge Zohrab said Cowe, also known as Jason Douglas Patterson, had a "colourful history", but there was quite a significant gap before a spate of offending during the past two years, which left Patterson close to being sent to prison.

"There's a mix of theft and drink-driving and breaching court sentences, now sprinkled with a flavour of domestic abuse. The options are narrowing down towards prison. I don't know if that does concern you - it doesn't seem to concern some people - but if it does, please comply with the sentence."

A 41-year-old Blenheim man appeared for sentencing after admitting charges of assaulting his three-year-old daughter by kicking and slapping her. He was remanded to reappear in the Dunedin District Court on March 12 to allow a new pre-sentence to be completed.

Willem Henricus Lampe, 55, a sales representative of Blind River, was convicted and discharged after earlier admitting a charge of assault with a weapon. Judge Zohrab said Lampe hit a fellow farmer with a metal pinch bar after the other man confronted him to make him discuss a long-running grievance.

Defence lawyer Bryony Millar asked for Lampe to be discharged without conviction, saying the offending was out of character and discharging him would show he was not a man to be feared.

However, Mr Single said there was a tradition in many rural communities that people took the law into their hands and sorted out disputes between themselves and the conviction was necessary as a deterrent.

Judge Zohrab said there was no evidence the conviction would harm Lampe's employment, but further punishment was unnecessary because the offence was out of character and he had done all he could to make things right by meeting the victim, writing letters of apology and paying reparation to him and his family as well as making a donation to Ward School.

Angus Ian Hill, 19, unemployed of Picton, admitted careless driving and was remanded for sentence on April 12 to allow him to complete a defensive driving course.

Mr Single said Hill was dropping a friend home on December 7 when he turned in front of a car on Waikawa Rd. The vehicle hit his car and shunted it into a truck on the roadside. The impact pushed the truck into a woman standing on the pavement talking to the truck driver, he said.

Judge Zohrab also ordered Hill to pay $833 to replace the woman's glasses.

Defence lawyer Kent Arnott said insurance had covered the damage to the other two vehicles, but Hill had to pay for the damage to his own car.

Matthew David McKinney, 44, a labourer of Spring Creek, admitted charges of obstructing police and resisting police and was sentenced to 80 hours' community work.

Mr Single said McKinney tried to get into the front seat of a police car after his friend was arrested for urinating against the wall of Top Town Cinemas on November 3. McKinney was told to stop interfering, but got into the back seat and the two officers were unable to pull him out until he had been pepper-sprayed, he said.

Judge Zohrab said McKinney had a long history of offending and "you can smell the alcohol on it".

Kane Isaako Leota, 34, a drainlayer of Blenheim, admitted a charge of disorderly behaviour in Kinross St and was fined $400.

Mr Single said Leota had been at a work Christmas function before heading into town on December 21. He and his associate were both very drunk, but when police tried to arrest the other man, Leota demanded they leave the man alone. Leota was told to stay away, but began abusing the officers. He became more aggressive after being handcuffed and was eventually pepper-sprayed, Mr Single said.

Keegan Ahipene Kohi, 17, unemployed of Picton, admitted unlawfully interfering with a motor vehicle and driving while disqualified (third or subsequent offence) and was sentenced to 50 hours' community work and disqualified from driving for 12 months. Mr Single said both offences happened while he was living in Christchurch.

In the first charge, Kohi tried to punch in the window of a van on October 12, while in the second he was caught driving while disqualified on December 26.

Aropito Holder, 22, a vineyard worker of Wainuiomata, admitted charges of wilful damage and possession of cannabis and was ordered to pay reparation of $100 and complete 40 hours' community work. Mr Single said the incident happened in Picton on December 18 when a drunk Holder began punching a letterbox, smashing it while walking down the street.

Ethan Raymond Jessop, 21, unemployed of Picton, admitted charges of possession of a cannabis pipe and breach of the liquor ban in Scott St and was sentenced to 40 hours' community work.

Derek James Ashworth, 38, a vineyard worker of Blenheim, admitted a charge of wilful damage after smashing a vase during an argument with his ex-partner and was ordered to pay reparation of $55 and fined $200.

Harley Shamus Hay, 25, a builder of Canvastown, admitted a charge of wilful trespass and was fined $300. Defence lawyer Philip Watson said Hay's dogs had chased a pig from his parents farm on to a neighbouring property and Hay had gone on to the property to collect the pig.

Tony Whitcombe, 49, a machine operator of Mayfield, admitted shoplifting $15.64 of groceries from Countdown Blenheim on January 3 and was ordered to pay $200 to the store manager.

Lawyer Kent Arnott said Whitcombe was embarrassed by his drunken behaviour. Judge Zohrab said Whitcombe had a colourful criminal history, but his offending had stopped a long time ago and the shoplifting appeared to be out of character. He ordered the money be given to the staff social club.

Paea Hoefa Pulu, 35, of Mayfield, admitted driving while forbidden because he did not have a valid licence and was remanded to April 22 to allow him to get his licence.

Leroy Alex Brown, 33, of Riversdale, denied a charge of obstructing police.

Brooke William Adams, 30, of Mayfield denied charges of assaulting a female and theft of items worth under $500.

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