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Best place to live in NZ? Adventurous Kaikoura

ADVENTURE TOWN: Kaikoura's spectacular environment.
ADVENTURE TOWN: Kaikoura's spectacular environment.

Kaikoura is the best place in New Zealand to work, live and play.

There aren't many places in the world where you can watch dolphins from your work window, swim at lunch time, fish or dive for your own dinner, enjoy world class views everyday and world class surf most days, but still have the amenities of larger places - real, locally roasted coffee, banks, shops, supermarkets and a movie theatre. Not to mention that you can take in views more spectacular that what you've just watched at the movies: A full moon over the ocean with snow capped mountains in the background, or hearing the sea lightly lapping while a warm summer breeze drifts by.

Did I mention the whale watching, dolphin encounters, seal swimming, albatross, shearwaters,  and penguins?

Nothing is too far away from Kaikoura, including family and friends. We have great roads and tracks for cycling and running and endless outdoor activities. We have beaches and fabulous coastline. Skiing is just one hour away from Kaikoura township. Instead of owning a swimming pool you can dig a swimming hole out at the Kowhai River which is solar heated and has no maintenance required!

The climate is good enough to grow a year-round garden and the small town environment means you are home no matter where you are.

Kaikoura is also really sustainable - you can recycle almost everything, the council will help you save money on energy and you can get on your bike for fresh air with no fuel!

You can have adventures everyday.

You haven't lived until you have lived in Kaikoura!