Millie's a headline act again

'GET THE PAPER': On those words Millie is off like a rocket each morning in a game of fetch.
'GET THE PAPER': On those words Millie is off like a rocket each morning in a game of fetch.

It has been a long three months for a Tikorangi dog with a nose for news.

Early last year, Sharryn Sait and her partner Don Skelton took the Taranaki Daily News up on one of its promotional offers to have the newspaper delivered daily.

It wasn't long before Millie, their 10-year-old cocker spaniel, made it her daily duty to collect the paper and deliver it to Mr Skelton at the kitchen table.

"We only have to say the magic words "get the paper" and off she goes. It only took her a couple of days to get the hang of it," Ms Sait said.

"We just open the door and she goes straight for it. It's almost as if she smiles every single time."

Millie's newshound bliss lasted about six months.

Then the promotional subscription came to an end, and with it, the cocker spaniel's happiness.

"She kept coming out to look for it and it wasn't there. We thought "oh, what are we going to do?"

"She was so sad, it was all a bit ridiculous really."

Three months passed and the Tikorangi couple finally decided to renew their subscription.

Yesterday marked the first delivery and Ms Sait said Millie looked like a new dog as she sprinted up the driveway with paper in mouth.

"She was so hyped up."

Also known for her ability to protect the family's bait from seagulls when fishing, Millie was now taking her delivery expertise to the next level.

"If Don is fortunate enough to have a sleep-in on a Saturday she'll take it all the way into the bedroom. All he has to say is "bring the paper".

"We do give her treats when she gets it, so whether it's the actual paper, or the treats, we don't know."

Ms Sait said Millie had to hunt the paper out a few times when delivery had been a bit wayward, however, that hadn't proved too difficult.

"She knows what she's looking for."

Ms Sait was happy the household's morning routine had finally returned to normal, and it would be safe to say that Millie was too.

"But we're not just getting the paper for the dog. We do enjoy reading it too," Ms Sait said.

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