Plan to enhance town centre

19:40, Jan 29 2013
Blenheim CBD
Marlborough District councillors will discuss the revitalisation of land and buildings in central Blenheimw

Marlborough District councillors will discuss the revitalisation of land and buildings in High, Wynen, Market and Symons streets in Blenheim at an assets and services committee meeting tomorrow.

One idea in a report prepared by council executive projects manager Jamie Lyall was to develop the area into a specialist food market, restaurant and wine area.

This part of town was recognised as an important link between the town centre and the Taylor River in the The Blenheim Town Centre Strategy adopted by the council in 2009.

The area includes Liquorland, Stationery Warehouse, PC Media, the City Hotel building, The Sewing Store, Brownies Mattress, Copy Shop, Chi Chi Restaurant, Sagai Japanese Restaurant and carparks on Wynen and High streets.

At a Blenheim CBD meeting two weeks ago, Mayor Alistair Sowman said several investors had shown interest in sites in Blenheim, including the privately-owned City Hotel building.

"Council is positive we will see some development in town with private money in the near future."


The council was eager to work with the private sector to help create an environment for them to invest in revitalising the CBD, he said.

Last year, the committee discussed appointing a councillor as a liaison between the council and the private sector, but a decision was not made to fill the role.

The council report prepared for tomorrow's meeting said the council's contribution to the development would be limited to the public areas adjacent to the block such as the footpaths, carparks and possibly 2 High St.

Possible development levies and income from development of 2 High St or parts of the Wynen St carpark could be used to offset any council development costs.

The council assets and services committee meets in the council chambers at 1.30pm tomorrow.

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