Speed-limit cuts to be considered

18:56, Jan 29 2013
A 70kmh speed limit may apply to some Marlborough roads

The Marlborough District Council is to consider lowering speed limits on four roads in the district, including a state highway, for safety reasons.

The council assets and services committee meeting tomorrow is to discuss imposing a 70kmh speed limit on:



If the decision is made to go ahead, public input would be sought and decisions made this year.

The reports, in the committee agenda distributed on Friday, say accident rates on both SH6 at Pelorus Bridge and New Renwick Rd were too high.


During the past five years there have been two fatal crashes along the stretch of SH6 near Pelorus Bridge, resulting in three fatalities and two serious-injury casualties. Overall, there have been two fatal crashes, seven minor-injury crashes and 11 non-injury crashes in the 2.7km stretch.

While there was a holiday speed restriction of 50kmh between December 20 and January 31, it covered only about 300m either side of the bridge.

Before there are any more severe crashes, Marlborough Roads and the NZ Transport Agency think it is prudent to reduce the speed limit to 70kmh, to make crashes more survivable, the report says. The 50kmh holiday speed limit will remain.

The council is also looking at "tidying up" the speed limits along the section of New Renwick Rd between Battys Rd and Fairbourne Dr, where there have been one fatal crash, one serious-injury crash, two minor-injury crashes and seven non-injury crashes. "This is far too many for such a short length of local rural road (5.4km).

"It would be good to . . . reduce the speed limit through this particularly unsafe section of New Renwick Rd."

The speed limit along New Renwick Rd is 70kmh to just after Aerodrome Rd and then 100kmh, with a section of 80kmh either side of Fairhall School and a 40kmh electronic school speed limit at school opening and closing times.

The recommendation is to reduce the existing 70kmh speed limit to 50kmh, and then take an 80kmh limit to just past the intersection with Fairbourne Dr, beyond Marlborough Ridge.

The committee is also to consider a blanket 70kmh speed limit on all roads that intersect with SH63 in Wairau Valley.

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