Patrons second family

03:34, Jan 31 2013
Saulo Camillo Nunes
Saulo and Emma Camillo Nunes have just returned to their Gramado's Restaurant and bar to find patrons had decorated the place.

Newlyweds Emma and Saulo Camillo Nunes have only been in Blenheim since April, but have found a new family in the patrons of their Main St restaurant.

The Gramado's Restaurant and Bar owners were married in Mrs Camillo Nunes' home town of Kaikoura on Saturday, and arrived back to an elaborately-decorated restaurant this week.

Brazil national Mr Camillo Nunes said Gramado's customers were invited to a churrasco, a Brazilian barbecue, in Kaikoura on Sunday.

The couple "cracked up" when they saw a picture of their restaurant on Facebook while still in Kaikoura. No-one had confessed to installing the decorations, but the couple were happy their customers felt like part of the family.

"We're a tiny little restaurant based on a tiny little city in Brazil," Mr Camillo Nunes said. "People feel like they are coming to our house, like they're part of the family."


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