Naked man had cuts to his body

22:34, Jan 30 2013
Public danger: Armed Offenders Squad members close in on the Blenheim Spa Motor Lodge on Main St where a man was barricaded in a room and threatening to use explosive devices.

A 40-year-old man was arrested in Blenheim yesterday after barricading himself in a motel room and threatening to use explosive devices.

Relieving Marlborough area commander Inspector Ross Grantham said the man was naked with multiple cuts to his body when he came out of the room and gave himself up.

Police had been alerted to the situation about 10am yesterday by a media outlet that had received calls from a man threatening to harm others in Blenheim.

A team of 21 police officers, including the armed offenders squad (AOS) and police negotiators from Nelson went to Blenheim Spa Motor Lodge, on Main St.

Police negotiators set up in a nearby shop and talked to the man on the phone while he was inside his motel room.

They managed to talk him out of the room about 1.30pm.


He had been threatening to hurt himself and others with explosive devices if police tried to enter the room, Mr Grantham said.

No explosive devices or any other threatening equipment had been found in the room.

Police could not confirm the man's home address but said he was not from Marlborough.

The Marlborough Express understands the man had posted suicidal messages on his Facebook page on Saturday, but police would not confirm this.

A Christchurch woman who said she knew the man told the Marlborough Express she had been in contact with him before the incident and had been concerned about his welfare.

She had called police and asked them to get him an ambulance, she said.

Mr Grantham said the man was treated at the scene by St John for cuts to his body and taken to Wairau Hospital, in Blenheim .

A hospital spokeswoman said yesterday the man had minor injuries and had been discharged into police custody.

The man was taken into custody on two warrants for his arrest relating to incidents in Nelson and was to appear in the Blenheim District Court today.

A section of Main St was closed to traffic during the incident and residents and shop workers were told to stay inside. Mr Grantham thanked businesses in the area for their assistance and understanding and apologised for the inconvenience.

Shop owner Willy Wills was less than 50 metres from the Blenheim Spa Motor Lodge in his Black Rose tattoo parlour on Main St during the incident. He said police had told him the man was threatening to ignite gas canisters if anyone came near him.

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