Council to explore options for CBD

The Marlborough District Council's assets and services committee agrees that the council should explore ways of revitalising a block of land in the middle of Blenheim.

The committee discussed an idea put forward in a report by council executive projects manager Jamie Lyall to develop an area in High, Wynen, Market and Symons streets in Blenheim.

They unanimously passed a recommendation to explore options. The only costs to council at this stage would be those associated with getting property development expertise which can be funded from existing budgets, the committee was told.

Council chief executive Andrew Besley said at the committee meeting yesterday that one or two of the building owners were already looking at renovations.

Councillor Jessica Bagge said although she agreed with the principle of the plan, she worried there hadn't been enough thought given to whether it was in keeping with the overall town centre strategy.

Councillor Jamie Arbuckle said he could not see the linkage between a revamp and the overall council town centre plan.

"We need to be looking at the whole CBD, and look at getting better lighting in the area."

Councillor David Dew said revitalising the block would bring people into the area.

The full council will consider the decision on February 28.

The Marlborough Express