Cleaning of bloody motel hard work

22:30, Jan 31 2013
Liza Buno
Shocked: Liza Buno was surprised to be at the centre of a police Armed Offenders Squad call-out in Blenheim yesterday

The owner of the Blenheim motel where Gary Green barricaded himself in a room and cut himself said the cleaning of the room was a big job.

Blenheim Spa Motor Lodge owner Liza Buno told the Marlborough Express on Wednesday the room where the 40-year-old man was staying was "totally soaked with blood" after the incident.

She hired professional cleaners to clean the room on Wednesday afternoon for three hours and they returned yesterday to finish the job.

The carpet was cleaned but would most likely be replaced, Ms Buno said.

"It was bad," she said.

The cleaners had worked on cleaning and disinfecting the room for more than five hours to get rid of the blood, she said.


"It's not a two-hour thing," Ms Buno said.

As well as regular customers staying at the motel, people walked in looking for accommodation every day around 5pm, she said.

No walk-ins came on Wednesday after the incident but two had come yesterday morning, Ms Buno said.

"It shouldn't really have a long-term effect," she said.

"It's just one of those things that was beyond our control."

Ms Buno said she thought police were going to interview the man when they asked if he was staying at the motel on Wednesday morning.

"I thought they were just going to talk to him and maybe take him to the station."

The Marlborough Express