Pair rock festival

03:30, Feb 01 2013
Parachute Musical Festival
ENJOYING THEMSELVES: An enthusiastic audience responds to a performance by Mumsdollar at the Parachute Musical Festival at Mystery Creek yesterday.

Marlborough musicians Emma Logan and Jayden Paul almost pulled out of a music competition at the sellout Parachute Christian music festival, but persevered to make the semifinals.

The Blenheim pair performed a duet they co-wrote, I Miss You, in Parachute's annual Gotta Lotta Talent competition.

They were among 20 acts that made it into the semifinals from an initial 100.

Emma and Jayden went on a road trip to the event at Mystery Creek near Hamilton at the weekend, with a group of friends from Blenheim.

When they arrived, they had to wait for Jayden's brother to turn up with the guitar, and they almost pulled out.

"At first Jayden and I didn't want to do it because his brother had the guitar and he was in another car," Emma said.


But they lined up anyway, making it into the competition which was open to the first 100 contestants who signed up.

Emma and Jayden were the 65th act to perform in the first cut.

"It was the wait backstage that was the worst - each act was 90 seconds and some of them were pretty painful," Emma said.

However, some of the singer-songwriters they competed against had been impressive, especially the overall winner who performed a beat-box mash-up.

"He just blew my mind. . . He was mixing in other songs and bringing in his own style. It was amazing."

The second time Emma and Jayden took to the stage they had an audience of 5000 people.

Although they didn't make it to the final three, performing in front of so many people had been a real highlight, Emma said.

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