Nice surprise at Renwick Post office

02:00, Feb 04 2013
Ian Jordan
Familiar scene: Ian Jordan is delighted that a photo of his son Roger baling hay on his family’s Willowhaugh farm near Woodbourne illustrates the length of the counter at the New Zealand Post outlet at Newman Graphics in Renwick.

Ian Jordan's ordinary errand run took an extraordinary turn when he happened upon a mural depicting his Woodbourne farm at the New Zealand Post outlet in Renwick.

The 86-year-old went to Renwick to register a couple of vehicles last month and was shocked to encounter the 1.2 by 6.4 metre photo of his farm stretched along the front of the counter.

"I didn't know anything about it, and when I walked in I couldn't believe my eyes, I recognised it straight away."

He thought the photograph was very special, he said. "Some photos catch the eye and some don't and that one took my eye," he said.

Outlet owner Allan Newman said Mr Jordan had become emotional when he walked through the door and saw the pastoral scene.

Mr Jordan was a gentleman, who was very hard working and honest and seemed to have been amazed and humbled by the photo, he said.


Renwick photographer Graham Brooks took the snap about two years ago, which was then printed using machinery from Mr Newman's business, Newman Graphics.

"I had meant to call Mr Jordan and ask him for permission to use the photo but I totally forgot in the rush to get it on the counter."

It was the first time he had decorated his shop in this way but planned to keep it up, changing the mural in time with the seasons.

Mr Jordan said the the photo was taken from Old Renwick Rd and looked across the farm towards the Wither Hills.

His son Roger was the tractor driver in the photo, and had now taken over running the farm which was established by the family in 1881.

Although Mr Jordan was officially retired he still helped out.

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