Express photo mystery solved

23:22, Feb 03 2013
(A9977) Who are these lovely women and what are they doing standing on the roadside between Picton and Blenheim in 1970? READER UPDATE: The Marlborough Walk 1970. Sally Hodgkins, Karen Ashton, Moira Hollingworth, Anne Halliday and Anne Morgan
Apparently this is a musical campaign in 1970 but who are these people and what were they campaigning for?
(B0008) This photo was taken in January 1970. Who is this woman with the empty milk bottle and where was the photo taken? READER UPDATE We understand this is Judith Kirke crossing the High St, Blenheim at the intersection of Market St.
(B0066) This looks like the opening of a bridge but who are these people and where is the bridge? READER UPDATE Karen, Shirley, Shane, Ewan, Tracy and Brian Schwass (at rear). Opening of the Middlehurst Station bridge over the Awatere River. 1970.
(b0105) Apparently this man was 'Blenheim's oldest teenager' in the 70s. Do you recognise him? READER UPDATE Harrold Tootell aka Bang On Harry. Drummer, band member, established a dance spot called The Scene.
(B0059) What are these people doing? It is something to do with sport and we think the boy on the left is Robert Eastgate. Any ideas? READER UPDATE - Bob Eastgate, Gary MacDonald, Mr McLachlan and Mr Schroder
Mystery rowers 2775
These rowers appear to have won the ‘Boss Rooster’ a rowing trophy (last won in 2010). Who are these rowers?
(B0070) Why have all these people dressed up and where are they? READER UPDATE : This is believed to be part of a re-enactment of Captain Cook's first landing at Ships cove in 1770
B0017 Who is this woman and why is are there horses towing her caravan. Reader update - Jennifer Mould with Bubi and Honey from Rainbow Station
B0012 Who and where are these people. Why is the little girl getting a sash on top of a rock? Reader update - Debbie McMillan gets her sash as Miss Tennyson Inlet Junior from Mr J F Sandall 1970
A9999 Who is this little girl? Reader update - Paia Riwaka ate a concert in Picton 1970 where she was the third place winner in a talent quest.
B0062 mystery pic
Where is the mini golf course? Do you know the people playing? Reader update - Mini golf in Kaikoura. Susan Woodhill puts while her mother and father (Bob Woodhill) watch.
Who are these young people who took part in the Cook landing re-enactment in 1970?
pinic 1920
Do you recognise these people in this photo. It appears to be in the 1920s - perhaps a family picnic in the Marlborough Sounds?

Blenheim woman Shane Stevenson could not believe her eyes when she logged into the Marlborough Express website on Thursday and found a picture of herself cutting the ribbon at at bridge opening in the Awatere Valley on her 14th birthday.

The photo of the opening of the bridge leading to Middlehurst Station, where her family lived from 1955 to 1988, was published in the Marlborough Express online "What's Going on Here?" series.

A large crowd gathered for the opening of the bridge connecting the station to the Awatere Valley road on January 17, 1970, she said.

From the archives: The Marlborough Expressf published this photograph of Karen, Shirley, Shane, Ewan, and Tracy Stevenson with Brian Schwass, behind, at the opening of the Middlehurst Bridge across the Awatere River in 1970

The bridge made a huge difference to their lives. A long-wheelbase Land Rover was no longer required to cross the river and the family bought their first car, a Chrysler Valiant stationwagon.

Shane and her mother Shirley Stevenson of Blenheim remember a large crowd gathering to celebrate the bridge opening. Tents were erected on the lawn and their swimming pool was "chock-a-block" on the hot summer day.

Four and a half pages of the family's visitors' book are filled with the names of those who attended.


shane Stevenson
Blast from the past: Shane Stevenson and her mother Shirley Stevenson hold a newspaper clipping and visitors’ book recording the 1970 opening of a bridge connecting Middlehurst Station to Awatere Valley Rd.

Shirley Stevenson wonders how the family fed so many people. In those days there was no electricity, so they had no fridges or freezers, she said. The electricity came on in July 1976 which "domestically, was the best thing that ever happened".

Three months was the longest time Shirley Stevenson spent on the station without a trip to town, but a weekly mail service run by transport companies kept them stocked with food. The drivers were happy to collect items such as prescriptions from a chemist.

Shirley Stevenson moved to Middlehurst in 1955 when she married Ewan Stevenson and shifted into their newly built home. Her husband farmed Middlehurst in partnership with neighbouring Upcot Station, run by his brother Jack.

Shane Stevenson said she found the photo when her daughter asked her to check the Marlborough Express website for reports of a bomb threat in Blenheim.

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