Police find ‘stolen' car

21:53, Feb 03 2013

A man who had been drinking told police his car had been stolen on Friday morning, but police officers ended up finding it parked in Blenheim.

Constable Andrew Holdaway, of Blenheim, said the man told police about 12am that he could not remember where his car was, and about an hour later he reported that a woman had stolen it.

Police found the car in Seymour St with the man's dog waiting for him in the passenger seat.

They took the man and his dog home.

Meanwhile, residents of a Wither Rd house called police at 3.15am on Friday morning after they were woken by someone trying to get in the door.

Police found an intoxicated woman walking along Wither Rd.

She was taken to her parent's home, Mr Holdaway said.


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