Pupils get a kick out of colourful classroom

The doors opened to a refurbished St Mary's Preschool in Blenheim yesterday morning.

On their first day back at the preschool, the pupils found their classroom had undergone a $28,000 transformation over the summer holidays.

Four-year-olds Raoi Brown-Harrison and Maluapapa Puni-Iakopo were the first pupils to arrive so were selected to cut ribbons across the doors.

All the children then flooded inside and searched for named balloons with a container of bubble-mix attached.

Jessica-Jane Curzon, Ollie Garratt and Anna Hurren, all 4, said they loved the silver paint on the ceiling and the green walls.

They were looking forward to their last year at pre-school where their favourite things to do included dressing up and wearing hats, and playing on the slide and the flying fox.

Head teacher Hazel Shapcott said the renovation included not just a switch from tired pink for the interior to sharp silver, green and blue but also new walls covered with felt and screen-printed photographs on doors.

Fundraising covered about half the cost of the renovation project, she said.

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