Big squid dissected on live TV

20:39, Feb 04 2013
Megan Bosh of the Kaikoura Marine Centre and Aquarium with the giant squid

The giant squid found floating off the Kaikoura coast on Sunday morning was dissected on TV3's Campbell Live show last night.

The squid has attracted significant interest since it was hauled from the sea by Jack and Sharon Osikai, who were returning from a fishing trip when they spotted the dead animal floating on the surface.

The squid was taken to Kaikoura and Megan Bosch, a marine biologist at the Kaikoura Marine Centre and Aquarium, took a scalpel to it in front of a crowd of people and a television crew.

She determined the squid was a female, partly because of its size - the female of the species is larger - and because she found a sac containing ovaries.

As previously suspected, the squid had been attacked by another, even bigger squid, which was apparent by the markings of a beak larger than its own on its tentacles and mantle (body).

The various parts of the deep sea creature will be placed on display in a room at the aquarium for education purposes.


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