Lush loses his shirt and cool

Thinking out loud: Radio talkshow host Marcus Lush shares his views on  Picton’s future.
Thinking out loud: Radio talkshow host Marcus Lush shares his views on Picton’s future.

Talk-show host Marcus Lush has taken a swing at Picton on his internet blog, describing the town as weird and wishing it a serene ferry-less future.

The Radio Live host spoke about the proposal to build a ferry terminal at Clifford Bay on his One More Minute With Marcus video-blog clips published on the Radio Live website on January 24.

The post, titled Ferry-less Picton is a Great Idea, features a bare-chested unshaven Lush talking while driving a car.

"Picton's not a great place, and without the ferries and the noise and people coming and going - the transient town - it will become a much better place.

"So goodbye to the ferry and hello to a better, nicer, lovelier and more serene ferry-less Picton. Can't wait. Lock it in. Good on ya [Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee]."

Lush said the proposal would shave time off ferry journeys between the islands and cut down on fossil fuel emissions.

To Picton people worried about the loss of business without ferry traffic, he said: "All I can say is, Picton? Tough. That's progress, that's going to happen."

He took a jibe at the people who had lobbied to stop the high-speed ferries that created damaging and dangerous waves in the Marlborough Sounds.

"For so long, the people of Picton complained about the ferries going through. They said: ‘The wash' - can you believe it? - ‘The wash was affecting the beaches'. Well, diddums to that, you're not going to get the ferries and it's kind of what you wished for.

"You can't just stop progress to save a town, otherwise we would all be living in coal mining villages . . . Towns start for a reason and when the reason for the town to exist goes and then the towns dwindle and disappear."

Picton business owner John Reuhman said Lush's comments were frank, but interesting.

He believed the shift to Clifford Bay was inevitable because it would improve the efficiency of moving freight around New Zealand by cutting sailing times across Cook Strait, he said.

‘Yes, it will be good for Picton, but it will take time and effort," he said. Check out the clip here:

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