Who will stand for council?

19:15, Feb 06 2013

The build-up to this year's council elections kicks off next week when Marlborough officials running the local polls go to Wellington for training in their roles.

Officials are preparing for the postal vote election which will result in a new council being chosen on October 12.

Marlborough electoral officer Dean Heiford said yesterday that he and election administrators electionz.com would be confirmed in their roles at the next Marlborough District Council meeting.

While the election may seem some time away, there are milestones to be ticked off from now until October, and some current and would-be local government politicians are preparing their run.

As well as being important leaders and people of influence in Marlborough, the positions are paid.

The latest determination of the Remuneration Authority


Mayor's salary $114,716 a year

Deputy mayor and committee chairmen (up to 4) $41,951

Councillors $27,967

Marlborough has a mayor and 13 councillors:

3 - Marlborough Sounds ward,

3 - Wairau Awatere ward, 

7 - Blenheim ward.

The election is run on the STV system, and voting will also be held for district health board representatives.

Mr Heiford said there had been only a couple of declarations of intentions to stand so far. He expected there would be more in the next few months.

"However, you're not running for council till you have signed the bit of paper and paid over your money."

Those forms and the $200 charge would be available to sign from July 26. Nominations would close on August 23.

Voting forms would go out for people to send back their votes between September 20 and October 12 at midday.

So far, the only candidates to say they intended to stand for mayor are current mayor Alistair Sowman and farmers' market founder Chris Fortune.

While prospective candidates for council and mayor have just over nine months to raise their profiles and make their cases to voters, Mr Heiford reminded them of limits on spending related to the election in the three months before October 12.

The Marlborough Express surveyed current councillors and found most intended to stand again in October's election.

Deputy mayor Jenny Andrews: "at this point, the answer is yes"

Jamie Arbuckle: yet to decide. "there is a budget round to get through first."

Graeme Barsanti: yes

Jessica Bagge: yes

David Dew: "water to go under the bridge first"

Geoff Evans: unable to be contacted

Trevor Hook: unable to be contacted

Peter Jerram: unable to be contacted

John Leggett: yes

Francis Maher: "it's early days"

David Oddie: yes

Terry Sloan: yes

Graeme Taylor: yes.

The Marlborough Express