Rangitane House 'premier' spot

22:05, Feb 05 2013
Rangitane House
Expanded style: An artist’s impression of the planned ground-floor foyer for Rangitane House

Rangitane House, one of the few multi-storey buildings in Blenheim, is to sprout a new expanded ground-floor foyer in the final stages of its renovation.

Building manager Tom Rutherford said the building would be the premier commercial building in the top of the south when completed.

The work which started this week is expected to be complete in about three months' time.

A building consent, issued by the Marlborough District Council, suggests the work would cost about $270,000, but Mr Rutherford said he could not comment on the cost of the project.

He said the new foyer was the final stage of the building's renovation since Marlborough iwi Rangitane took it over.

"It's been ongoing since Rangitane purchased the building. It's part of their vision to make this a showcase of their investments."


The foyer work is being done by Robinson Construction, which also built Rangitane's new cultural centre building in Grovetown.

Much of the work on the new foyer - such as windows and building framing - had been prefabricated, and would be able to be slotted in as needed, Mr Rutherford said.

"When's it done, it will look lovely. It's going to be the premier commercial building in the top of the south."

The council, through roading agency Marlborough Roads, is contributing $100,000 to landscaping work on the footpath outside Rangitane House on Main St.

In a report to the council's assets and services committee, Marlborough Roads said it had proposed to simply re-asphalt the footpath area on legal road but "with the opportunity to integrate the landscaping treatment proposed by the owners of Rangitane House, on both private and public land, a much improved public area will result".

Marlborough Roads said the landscaping proposal, to be funded from its footpath renewal budget, had been designed to fit with the new upgrading proposals for the Blenheim central business district, and would use the same or similar materials as the recently developed Liz Davidson Pl park.

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