Mum's rage in court leads to arrest

22:33, Feb 07 2013

An angry mother was arrested after trying to confront a judge and throwing clods of earth at security staff at the Blenheim District Court on Tuesday.

The woman became angry during a bail hearing for her son.

When Judge Denys Barry announced he would stand the case down, the woman, who was in the public gallery shouted "No you won't" and tried to walk further into the court room.

A security staff member escorted the woman from the court, but she returned five minutes later, still shouting.

She was ordered to leave, but once outside picked up clods of earth from a nearby garden and threw them at the security officer and a jailer.

Constable Andrew Holdaway, of Blenheim said the beneficiary, aged 52, was arrested and given an official warning.


The Marlborough Express