Tears as teen robber gets home detention

A remorseful Picton teenager cried while confessing to robbing another teenager at knifepoint to steal his drugs, his lawyer says.

Saxton James McGee, 19, was sentenced in the Blenheim District Court on Tuesday after admitting the knifepoint robbery in Picton on October 1 last year. Judge Denys Barry sentenced McGee to nine months' home detention and set release conditions ordering McGee to undergo alcohol counselling, including residential treatment if necessary, for six months after his release. He also gave McGee his first strike under the three-strikes legislation.

Judge Barry said McGee and an associate met the victim on the Bluebridge Ferry where they agreed to buy party pills from him, saying they would get the money when they arrived in Picton that morning. They met up with the victim at a park where McGee pulled a knife on the man and told him he would cut him up and that his associate had a gun, he said. The pair took $50 cash, a bag and the pills from the man before letting him go, he said.

Defence lawyer Rennie Gould said McGee had shown a lot of remorse for the crime, even crying during the first police interview. "I don't think we will see him in court again," she said.

The Marlborough Express