4WD hits woman outside council

01:51, Feb 08 2013

A woman was hit by a car as she crossed a zebra crossing in Blenheim this morning.

The 23-year-old was knocked off her feet at the Seymour St crossing outside Marlborough District Council offices about 8.30am.

She was taken to Wairau Hospital with minor injuries to her head and arm. 

Constable Ian Mills, of Blenheim police, said the woman was crossing the road towards the council offices.

The first couple of cars that approached the crossing came to a stop, Mr Mills said.

However, a driver of a large 4WD vehicle pulled into the left lane and his sight was blocked by the other cars, he said.


The driver initially stopped and left his details with council staff before heading for an appointment.

He returned shortly after and spoke with police.

Alcohol was not a factor, Mr Mills said.

The Marlborough Express