Red Checkers wow college students

00:49, Feb 11 2013
red checkers
Marlborough Boys' College student Harrison Jones, 17, in the cockpit of one of the Red Checkers aerobatics display team planes.

Talking with elite air force pilots and watching them display their skills inspired Marlborough teenagers who dream of joining the air force.

Fifteen teens met members of the air force aerobatics group The Red Checkers during a tour of Base Woodbourne on Friday and watched in awe as the team performed. The group gasped and clapped as the Red Checkers treated them to a display of loops, rolls and upside-down flying.

The students also appeared to enjoy the chance to sit in the planes and quiz the elite pilots about air force entry requirements and how much they enjoyed certain stunts.

Red Checkers
Red Checkers

Marlborough Boys' College year 13 student Harrison Jones, 17, said the day had helped him decide to follow his dream of becoming a pilot.

"I have been looking at being a pilot for a while - I'm just trying to get the credits for it - so it's been great."

Former Marlborough Boys' College student, Squadron Leader Oliver Bint, said he enjoyed being back at Woodbourne talking with Marlborough students.

Red Checkers
Red Checkers

It was great that the young people had a chance to visit the base and get a glimpse of air force life to help shatter any misconceptions, he said.

"I grew up in Blenheim, went past the air force base on the bus every day and I thought the air force were a bunch of weirdos, quite frankly, because I didn't know too much about it really. This sort of thing is fantastic."


Red Checkers
Red Checkers