Kindy project a stunner

Witherlea Kindergarten students have completed a project growing sunflowers.
Witherlea Kindergarten students have completed a project growing sunflowers.

Normally dogs get blamed for eating school homework . . . not chickens.

However, that was the case for kindergarten pupil Georgia Hones.

The 4-year-old Witherlea Kindergarten pupil was supposed to grow and measure her sunflower at home after originally planting the seed at school.

Unfortunately, her pet chicken Nugget had a different idea.

Georgia even planted a second flower in a bid to complete her homework assignment. However, Nugget had developed a taste for sunflowers and, this time, jumped over the garden fence to feed on the new plant.

Georgia's solution: measure Nugget instead.

Children at Witherlea Kindergarten in Blenheim have been swapping sunflower stories after attempting to grow the plants at home as part of a mathematics lesson.

Head teacher Brenda Suleiman said pupils originally planted the seeds at school last October.

Once they had sprouted, the children took the sunflowers home and started measuring their weekly growth.

Another pupil Jamie Gwyn, 4, would draw the dining room curtains every morning to check his sunflower, Ms Suleiman said.

He showed it to his family everyday, she said.

"When it died, he came to kindy and made a collage of sunflower pictures. He took it home and put the picture where his sunflower had been. Nobody here, or his parents, knew about it until they saw the collage outside one morning."

Mother Michelle O'Donnell said the kindergarten had done a much better job than parents at growing the sunflowers.

"We were all woeful at home," she said.

"We were away over the holidays. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it."

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