Bright red blossoms draw admirers

02:24, Feb 12 2013
Dorothy Wilson
Rich red: Dorothy Wilson and her daughter Sue Pilcher say the spectacular blooms of this tree on their property is drawing admirers

A scarlet-flowering tree on their Thompsons Ford Rd property is stopping motorists in their tracks, say Dorothy Wilson and her daughter Sue Pilcher.

People were pulling up and asking to take photographs of the giant tree in full bloom, said Mrs Pilcher. This was probably the most spectacular flowering in the 43 years the family had lived on the property.

Mrs Pilcher said the tree was probably about 100 years old.

"It's alive with bees," she said.

Several examples of the tree grow near Blenheim - including one outside the Marlborough Airport at Woodbourne - but their tree was the most spectacular they had seen, Mrs Pilcher said.

An Australian native, the Corymbia ficifolia tree is listed on a Marlborough District Council significant trees register. In 1995 its name changed from Eucalyptus ficifolia.


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