Lost wallet found two years later

18:53, Feb 12 2013
Kathie Warren
Just like new: Kathie Warren with the wallet she got back on Sunday, two years after she lost it.

When Kathie Warren left her wallet at Pollard Park in Blenheim in 2011, she thought it was gone for good, so when it was found untouched in same spot almost two years to the day later she could not believe it.

In February 2011, Mrs Warren, of Blenheim, was at the Marlborough 4 Fun Concert in the Park concert with friends when she left her wallet behind on the ground, near where she was sitting. When she went back to search later that evening she could not find the wallet, so she reported it lost to police, cancelled her cards and moved on.

Then on Sunday, at this year's Concert in the Park, a friend stood on a wallet.

"He took it to the tent [at the side of stage] and 10 minutes later they called out my name and there it was, all in good order, just like new."

Not only did the wallet turn up in almost the same spot, it appeared to be untouched, with her bank cards and about $14 in cash and coins still inside, along with a receipt from The Warehouse from just a few days before she lost it.

"I just couldn't believe it. My friend said, ‘It's not true, this is not happening.' It was really spooky. The lost and found people didn't realise when I said I'd lost it two years ago, because it's so strange."

Because the wallet was in such good condition, Mrs Warren thought someone might have held on to it and put it back in the hopes it might be found. If so, she wanted to thank them.

She is using the wallet - but this time is hanging on to it tightly.


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