Firm avoids blame over oil blowout

02:15, Feb 15 2013

One of the opponents of off-shore drilling in New Zealand waters is frustrated at the lack of transparency coming from Anadarko and the refusal to accept any liability for their part in the Gulf of Mexico spill.

Ralph Hogan asked a series of questions of Anadarko representatives on Friday, including one about the oil company's liability over the Deepwater Horizon blowout. Asking whether the company accepted any liability for the disaster, director John Gordon said there was no liability to accept as Anadarko had only been a "passive investor" in the well. Mr Hogan continued to press Mr Gordon on the matter, citing a court ruling by a US federal judge which named both BP and Anadarko as liable, as co-owners of the facility, however Mr Gordon maintained his position that they were not found liable.

Mr Hogan says while it is clear the company believes it is not at fault over the spill, they cannot say they were not liable. In a court order outlining US district judge Carl Barbier's ruling on the matter, on February 22, it states both BP and Anadarko were liable for civil penalties under the Clean Water Act.


Kaikoura Star