Florists cash in on Valentines Day

03:42, Feb 13 2013
Terry Crafar
NEW ROMANTICS: Simcox Construction workers, from left, Terry Crafar, Troy Elliott, Wayne Tupe and Lance Clarkson discuss Valentines Day at the Pak ‘n Save construction site near Blenheim.

A single red rose for your true love tomorrow could set you back as much as $45, and a dozen up to $140.

The prices don't seem to have taken the romance out of Valentines Day for many, with florists doing a good trade around the country, and Valentine-themed restaurant menus sought after.

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Not everyone was caught up in the language of love though.

Four Kiwi blokes at a Blenheim construction site yesterday had a different take on February 14, saying it has driven by commercial interests.

Labourer Lance Clarkson, married 17 years, said Valentines Day had become compulsory.


"If you don't get your wife a Valentine's card, you get a slap," he said.

Colleague Wayne Tupe, married over 30 years, had seen plenty of Valentines Days.

"I've missed a few too," he said.

Mr Tupe said the day was for young couples and their "puppy love".

He used to buy his wife flowers, he said. "She used to get the odd rose. Now I get my wife to cook me tea. It's just another day, I'm not even sure what date it's on.

"I remember my wedding anniversary because I write it in my diary at the start of every year because I get in trouble if I forget that.

"When you have been married that long and love each other, it doesn't matter what day it is," Mr Tupe added in a rare tender moment.

"I suppose it's telling them you still love them. Although it's another expense we don't need."

Unless you can find a rose garden, added workmate Terry Crafar.

"Red roses keep everybody happy and smiling," he said.

Single man Mr Crafar was going to the Clubs of Marlborough for a beer after work tomorrow.

"I used to be into it but not now," he said.

Troy Elliott said he hated Valentines Day because his birthday was also on February 14.

"I always have to get my girlfriend a present on my birthday."

Mr Elliott would probably buy her flowers this year, he said.

"Flowers are always a winner."

He had taken his girlfriend out for dinner and bought Valentines Day cards in the past. "All that sort of crap. It's just a way for companies to make more money."


Starting prices: Wellington, Juliette Florist $140

Wellington, Flowers on Featherston $130

Wellington, Bud Florists $129

Auckland, Victoria Park Flowers $75

Auckland, Wild Poppies $135

Hastings, Flowers By Tanya $120

Dunedin, Bunches & Bows $140

Christchurch, Flowers on Cashmere $125

Nelson, Flowers for Nelson $70