Bottle blamed for car fire

18:51, Feb 13 2013

A plastic drink bottle is believed to be the cause of a car fire in Blenheim on Tuesday.

Blenheim firefighters were called to a property on Edith St, in Redwoodtown, at 1pm.

Blenheim chief fire officer Rob Dalton said the interior of the Mitsubishi Legnum station wagon was "munted" by the flames.

The fire had been mostly put out by a neighbour when firefighters arrived.

The cause of the blaze was not easy to determine, Mr Dalton said.

It was believed to be caused by either an electrical fault or a plastic bottle found on the floor of the passenger seat.


"If you leave a clear plastic drink bottle, either full or empty, in the sunlight, it can cause a magnifying effect and start a fire," Mr Dalton said.

"It's not easy to replicate; it's quite a precise phenomenon."

The station wagon was not entirely destroyed, with the blaze confined mainly to the front half.

The Marlborough Express