Talented teens set sail

01:12, Feb 15 2013
Spirit of New Zealand
Sailing adventure: Marlborough Boys’ and Girls’ college student representatives Joshua Watson and Rosie Argyle were among the teenagers on the Spirit of New Zealand in the Marlborough Sounds to gain experience for their leadership roles. ntsg

Pupils from Marlborough Girls' and Marlborough Boys' colleges have sailed the Marlborough Sounds on board the Spirit of New Zealand for five days to prepare for their roles as school leaders.

The Spirit of New Zealand is a training boat operated by the Spirit of Adventure Trust, a youth development programme that aims to build skills such as teamwork, communication, leadership, discipline and confidence.

Marlborough Girls' year 12 pupil Rosie Argyle and Marlborough Boys' year 13 pupil Joshua Watson, who are the student representatives on their school boards, did the programme on separate voyages last month as part of training for their roles.

Both voyages, which had a crew of 40 student representatives from throughout the country, set sail from Wellington to the Marlborough Sounds. Daily 6.30am swims, a visit to Blumine Island, jumping off the boat's bowsprit and being tutored on how to be an effective student representative were part of the programme.

The experience gave the pair new skills and the chance to meet other teenagers in similar roles.

For Joshua, it highlighted the importance of teamwork to achieve a goal.


He likened teamwork to drawing on the specialist skills of different people to get an outcome, which could involve anything from hoisting the sails or how to win a rafting exercise to an island.

Rosie, who was rapt with her voyage, was keen to put into practice what she had learnt.

"Sailing out into the Cook Strait was just magic," she said.