Web video business booming

22:30, Feb 14 2013
Henry Dijkstra
In the picture: Since starting their business TimePulse Videography six months ago, owners Barbara and Henry Dijkstra have been inundated with requests from Marlborough businesses wanting short promotional videos for their websites.

A widely travelled couple have turned their videography hobby into a business since moving to Marlborough.

Barbara and Henry Dijkstra moved to Blenheim two years ago, after travelling and working around the world together since they met in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1995.

Mrs Dijkstra, a former Queen Charlotte College student, was working as a nurse in Riyadh when she met Mr Dijkstra, who was a project manager for a telecommunications company. They married six months later, and have since travelled and worked in more than 100 countries, on every continent on the planet.

Mr Dijkstra, who grew up in Wellington, began making video diaries of their experiences to send home, because international phone calls were expensive and the lines were sometimes poor.

When the couple moved to Blenheim in 2011, they thought they might use their skills to make videos for expatriates living in New Zealand to send home.

However, they have been surprised to find that videography has been more popular with Marlborough businesses wanting to capture the attention of people browsing online.


"It's been amazing how well received we are, that what we are doing is worthwhile," Mr Dijkstra said.

The business, TimePulse Videography, makes short promotional videos for businesses to showcase what they do online. Mr Dijkstra shoots and edits the videos, uploads them to YouTube and links them to the customers' websites and social media pages.

Mrs Dijkstra does the sales and marketing, and drummed up clients by approaching Marlborough businesses when they launched in September. However, she had to pull back because the response was so overwhelming, she said.

"It's surprising. There doesn't seem to be anyone else doing what we do."

"When we first came up with the idea, we wanted to benchmark ourselves against other companies, but couldn't find any."

They have made promotional videos for a range of businesses, including real estate agency Harcourts, tour operators such as Cougar Line and River Queen, and the Aston Court and Colonial motels.

Mr Dijkstra said the videos were usually two minutes long, and should be "fast, punchy and short" to grab and hold people's attention.

"We just try to capture the essence of what makes the business tick."

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