Sewage pipe test falls flat

20:34, Feb 14 2013

A test-run of Picton's upgraded outfall sewage pipe came up short yesterday when dye put into the system did not show up at the other end.

Marlborough District Council staff put non-toxic red dye into the town's sewage system yesterday morning to test the new outfall pipe into the harbour, but nothing had come out by 3pm.

Council staff surveying how far the dye would spread from a lookout above Victoria Domain said the harbour should have turned red by about noon.

The problem could have been that the dye was too diluted and could not be seen or not enough people had flushed waste into the system to carry the dye into the Sound, they said.

The upgrade is expected to handle 400 litres of water a second pumped through the underwater outlet, more than three times the capacity of the old outfall pipe.


The Marlborough Express