Harlem shakers wanted

The Harlem Shake is one of the latest viral video sensations sweeping the internet.

Harlem Shake inspired videos, some of which are being watched by thousands of people around the world, usually feature the song "Harlem Shake" by electronic musician Baauer and consist of just two takes.

In the first, a costumed individual does the shake while people around them carry on as if oblivious.

The second take cuts to the whole group doing the shake dance, busting out whatever moves they feel at the time.

The Marlborough Express is looking for Harlem Shake videos made here in Marlborugh.  Send your videos to news@marlexpress.co.nz and we will share them online.

The following video was made by students at Marlborough Boys' College - can you do better?




And now the Central rugby boys add their attempt at the Harlem Shake




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