Singh advised to leave NZ

22:30, Feb 24 2013

Immigration New Zealand is encouraging former Marlborough vineyard contractor Prubhjit Singh to leave the country of his own accord and avoid deportation.

Mr Singh, who was convicted in 2010 for encouraging Indonesian sailors to work illegally, has been battling with Immigration New Zealand to gain a new visa since his work visa expired in 2008.

However, it appears Mr Singh's bid to remain in the country with his wife and two sons, aged 23 months and 3 months, has been unsuccessful.

Immigration New Zealand Fraud and Compliance Manager Peter Elms said on Thursday the Ombudsman had made the final decision last week.

The decision is confidential, but Immigration New Zealand was encouraging Mr Singh to leave New Zealand at his own expense and avoid deportation action, Mr Elms said. "If he is deported, he will face a ban on returning to New Zealand for up to five years and will have to pay the cost of his deportation before he can be considered for a visa."

The Express was unable to contact Mr Singh, who has moved to Auckland with his wife and children, who are New Zealand citizens.


Mr Singh had provided Immigration New Zealand with details of a flight departing New Zealand on February 14.

But he had remained in the country, asking the Associate Minister of Immigration Nikki Kaye to intervene in his case.

However Ms Kaye said last week the case was out of her hands because the Ombudsman had already made a decision.

An Immigration New Zealand spokesperson said the department tried to work with overstayers, by encouraging them to depart at their own cost.

Documents from Immigration New Zealand show Mr Singh, from the city of Nashik in Maharashtra, India has had several run-ins with the department.

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