Giving it a go

20:49, Feb 25 2013
Harry Dillon
Up and over: Queen Charlotte College year 13 student Harry Dillon clears the high jump at the college’s athletics day

Queen Charlotte College's athletics day was about being involved, not being the best, says the col- lege's star high jumper Harry Dillon, who feels no desire to represent the school at sport.

The year 13 student excelled at the high jump as part of the college's annual athletics day. Its 350 students competed in track events, high jump, long jump, shot put, discus and javelin under a sunny sky on February 19.

Speaking next to the crash mat after jumping a 1.4-metre-high bar, Harry said he enjoyed the annual athletics day and had hoped to beat his personal best in the high jump of 1.56m.

Athletics day was about encouraging people to give sports a go, and not feeling like you had to be the best.

"It's good at the moment, there's good competition all around - it's just a fun day, everyone's getting involved.

"It's good to push yourself a bit and just enjoy it."


Despite his athletic ability, the former United Kingdom resident said he did not represent the college in any sport and did not wish to do so.

Queen Charlotte College deputy principal Alistair Boyce said Picton could be a tough town for students who excelled at athletics because it did not have a dedicated athletics club.

"There's a lot of talent here but there's not a lot of students who regularly take part in athletics because there's no athletics club in Picton - though this day isn't just for them, it's for everyone to take part.

"For the year 7s, it's a very new experience because at primary school they're just starting to learn specialist events, things aside from the track."

Year 12 student Manfred James said he enjoyed competing in senior track events but his highlight would be seeing the 100m final.

"It's fun, it's pretty warm today and most people are getting involved."

His friend and fellow year 12 student Devon Payne said he was also looking forward to the 100m final but enjoyed watching the competitions in the buildup.

"It's a good day because you don't have to be good at running to take part, you can just give it a go.